Monday, January 22, 2018

"B" Meet Location

Hello All,

The site for the "B" meet has finally been determined by the WMSL. We will swim at Northview for the "B" meet. More "B" meet information will be available as soon as i receive it.


Saturday, January 20, 2018

Results Posted V KAC

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Congratulations on a fine win today.

Results are posted to the website, have a good weekend.



Thursday, January 18, 2018

Grandville V KAC Entries Posted

Hello All,

Grandville V KAC entries are posted to the website.



Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Pool Announcement

Hello All,

Please read the announcement from Principal John Philo:

To Grandville Pool Parents and Students:
     From mid November through mid December there were a number of mechanical issues with our pool that caused variations in the water quality. Thankfully, we were able to identify those issues early and address each of them as quickly as possible. During that one month period, there were very few times when our pool water chemical readings were outside the ideal ranges for public pools. Unfortunately, during the brief time when the water quality was low, our athletes experienced some hair discoloration and possibly hair loss. After receiving input from AquaSource, Aqualink, and the Kent County Health Department, we still do not know what caused the discoloration and possible hair loss. Below is a quick timeline of the pool issues along with an explanation of our processes to insure that our pool levels remain within a safe range for all swimmers.

    Our maintenance crew is responsible for checking the chemical levels every day, Monday through Friday, and recording those on a running record. That record is submitted to the Kent County Health Department every month. This test done early each day so that adjustments can be made prior to our students entering the water

    November 15 - December 11​ the chemical controller locked out three times which caused variations in the pool chemicals. In each case, our maintenance crew was able to reset the chemical controller and work with Zagers, Leslie’s, and Air Gas to regulate the pool chemicals to within ideal ranges.
    December 11 ​new pool probes were added to the system to fix the chemical controller issue.

    December 15 - December 18 ​the pool was drained 1/2 empty, refilled, then chemically regulated to within ideal ranges. December 18 ​Kent County Health Department came out to the pool per our request to insure that the pool was safe for our swimmers.

    December 19​ Aquatic Source came out to double check our mechanical system and pool chemicals. They found we were within acceptable ranges.

    January 11 ​Aqualink from Jenison came out to triple check our mechanical system and pool chemicals. They also found that we were within acceptable ranges.

    December 18 - Present​ our weekday checks have all been within the ideal range for both pH and chlorine.

    Providing a safe facility for our swimmers is our top priority. Throughout this frustrating stretch, we have sought outside resources to help identify potential problems and each has told us that our processes are correct and that our pool water is exactly where it should be. Obviously sometime between November 15 and December 11, there was a short time when something in our pool discolored our student athlete’s hair and possibly caused some to lose hair. While we do not know what caused this, since December 11 our water quality has been within the ideal ranges and has been verified by three outside sources.

    We are committed to continued monitoring and adjustment to our water quality so that all our student’s have a positive and safe experience. If our water quality falls outside the ideal ranges, we will close our pool and communicate those numbers to our coaches and our pool director to find a solution. I apologize to all families who have been impacted by our pool. We have taken, and will conitune to take, the pool water quality very seriously and feel confident that we have made the proper adjustments to insure a safe environment.

    John Philo

Ribbons from the Northview meet

Hello All,

Ribbons for the Northview meet last weekend will be available Wednesday, unfortunately I ran out of ink in my printer.

Entries for the meet this weekend against Kentwood will be available Thursday on the website.


Friendly Reminder

Good Afternoon Parents and Guardians,

Just a friendly reminder to please get your swimmers to practice on time, 10 and under practice starts at 5:30 pm and 11 and up starts at 6:30 pm. We understand that the weather can be a factor and that many of you have other obligations and children, but your swimmer is missing out on important information that is being shared before practice as well as warm up sets to get them ready for the practice. Please do your best to help your swimmer arrive on time to their scheduled practice!

Thank you,
Your Coaches  

Monday, January 15, 2018

Kentwood Meet Information

Hello All,

Below is the information for the Kentwood meet this weekend, January 20th.

Check in at 7:30am - 8:15 am

Warm up at 8:00am

Meet starts at 9:00 am

East Kentwood Pool
6230 Kalamazoo Avenue Southeast
Kentwood, MI

Maps To Pools

*If you are late to the swim meet your swimmer runs the risk of being scratched from the meet. Check in closes at 8:15am