Wednesday, December 16, 2015


On behalf of the coaching staff we are excited to announce our Swim-A-Thon fundraising campaign for 2015/2016. Our team goal this season is to raise $1,500.00 and we will put this money towards getting more flippers in the smaller size along with being able to cover some of the expenses of our end of the year party. Donors can either pledge a certain amount of money per length swam or make a flat donation in support. Swimmers are allowed a maximum of 200 lengths.

Our Swim-A-Thon will involve all swimmers who are able to attend and will be held on January 15 during all practice times. To make things a little more interesting we will be having a wager between age groups (8 and under, 9&10, 11&up). The age group that collects the most money will get a prize!

So over the holiday season start spreading the word to family, friends, business colleagues, social contacts and those that support the sport of swimming in our community. Envelopes for donations are available on the Age Group bulletin board outside of the pool stands these will be due the day of the Swim-A-Thon.

Any questions email Coach Bri

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