Wednesday, February 3, 2016


B-Meet entries are now on the website. Swimmers will need to be on deck at 7:45am. Please keep in mind Hamilton has a pool deck the size of ours. To help with space with our 40+ swimmers if parents can hold on to coats and anything that's big and bulky that would be a great help! Also if a swimmer brings a chair they will have a greater chance of not getting their stuff wet.

Also if we have a parent that is willing to come on deck and help with marshaling that would be a big help to the coaches, this is one meet we really want to watch. Our 40+ swimmers have kids ranked top 8 in all events!

One last reminder! The end of the year skating party will be Wednesday February 17 at Terry Hall Roller Rink from 4-6pm.

-Coach Bri

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