Monday, June 13, 2016

With a heavy heart...

As many of you know I work for The United States Post Office. I have been working toward becoming a career employee for 2.5 years and I finally made it.  I was working on 3rd shift; however my new position is on 2nd. With that being said, it is with a heavy heart that I have to leave the program. Monday, June 13, was my last practice for the time being. You will still see me around at meets and when I have days off, however it will not be on a regular basis. If anything changes where I can switch shifts, I most definitely will return to Bulldog Swimming.  Coach Bri will be taking over my 9 & 10 group for the remainder of the season as well. These kids mean a lot to me and I didn’t want anyone to feel as though I just up and left.  I have been a part of this program for many years and this has not been easy. I want to wish all the swimmers good luck as they continue to beat their times and improve. Thank you all for your understanding and well wishes!

Coach Mike

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