Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Locker Rooms

Tonight we had a discussion about locker room etiquette. We have had some issues with people going through other people's lockers, throwing other swimmers clothes into piles of water, and screaming in the locker rooms. Please be aware we will not stand of this as a team. Right now we are also sharing the locker rooms with middle school cheerleaders, they have also be informed that we will not stand for it.

I advise that swimmers lock their lockers up. I am more than happy to keep their combination on my clipboard so I can help them remember it.

If you know of any of this happening please bring it to my attention.

Also if your swimmer has brought home any other swimmers things (swim suits, goggles, clothing, etc) please have them bring them back into me. That being said make sure all of their stuff is labeled with their last name so I can be sure to get it back to the right owner.

-Coach Bri

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