Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Entries for Saturdays meet

Now on the website are entries for Saturdays meet. Please note that relays may change due to attendance. Also on Saturday we are having close to 350 kids at this meet so we are going to have the swimmers sit on the indoor track. With that in mind please be sure to pack extra towels and warm clothes for them to put on in between events, it gets a little cold in there for the little ones.

Also since we are sitting on the track we are in search of a couple parents to help with marshaling our kids to events so coaches can watch some races. If you are able to help please talk to Coach Bri.

Finally if you are planning on being at practice on Friday night and would like something to do we would love some help setting up for our meet the next morning. Just flag Coach Bri down Friday and she can find something for you to do.

-Coach Bri

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