Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Great first practice

Hello all,

Great practice tonight. Glad to see so many returning swimmers, as well as a lot of new faces. 

A couple notes for the next couple practices:
1. We will continue "time trials" on Thursday and maybe Friday

2. Once "time trials" are finished we will be forming practice groups for the 8 & unders, and 9-10 groups, 11 & overs will stay with their current coaches.

3. If you have not paid for the season. please do so as soon as possible at the Community Education Building. I can not add you to my roster until you have been processed through the comm ed system.

4. Get ready for a great season, i talked to the coaches and they are ready and excited to work with your swimmers this summer season.

-See you at the pool

Coach Jessie

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