Monday, May 8, 2017

Practice starts soon

Hello All,
Practice starts tomorrow at the Middle school. If you have not signed up please sign up as soon as possible so i can get a set roster for the coaches. You can either go to the Community Ed building on Prairie and fill out a form there, or sign up online.

Requirements for new swimmers are: 
8 years and younger - Must be able to swim one length(25 yards) of front swimming and back swimming
9 years and older - Must be able to swim two lengths(50 yards) of front swimming and back swimming
Online Registration: 

Here is some other useful information,

*sign up for the Blog to get email announcements
**the practice schedule is on the site (May 9-May 19 will be at the Middle School, after that it will be at the High School Pool)

Twitter: Coach Jessie@GVAGSwim

Hope to see you all at practice
-Coach Jessie Wortman

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